Anniina Iskanius

Senior Consultant Finland

Anniina has broad political experience - before joining Rud Pedersen she worked in the European Parliament as a political advisor for MEP´s office. She has also worked in the Finnish Parliament as an advisor on foreign and security policy for the National Coalition Party’s parliamentary office. Anniina has also worked as a Head of International Affairs for the National Coalition Party.

Anniina has expertise regarding both the Finnish and the European legislative procedures and has a deep understanding of politics both in Finland and in the EU.

Anniina was invited to work a Senior Political Advisor to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Helsinki and therefore took a year’s leave of absence from Rud Pedersen in 2020. Her tenure at the Mayor’s Office widened her horizons on municipal decision-making processes.

She is an elected Member of the Helsinki City Council and Helsinki City Board. Anniina holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Helsinki and she has studied strategy at the Finnish National Defence University.