Bernd-Ulrich von Wegerer

Senior Advisor Brussels

As Minister Counsellor, Bernd was "Head of the Armaments Policy Department" within the Permanent Representation of Germany to the European Union from 2015 until 2021. He was responsible for all armament relations in the field of the EU and the European Defence Agency, together with his role as Representative of the National Armaments Director to all European entities. In addition, he acted as advisor to the Ambassadors on all armaments policy matters and related economical and industrial aspects, such as promoting the European Defence Fund.

Previously, he served in Germany’s procurement agency (BAAINBw) as the Head of Branch, "Equipment Management", where he was responsible for the oversight of all Research & Technology activities, as well as the Urgent Operational Requirements concerning the theatres. Before that he has been the Head of Service Branch "Transformation, Network Centric Warfare, Urgent Operational Requirements" within the former Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement, where he earlier held Program Management positions in the fields of Airborne Communication, Data Link Systems, and Satcom Systems.

Bernd started his professional career with 12 years in the German Armed Forces. He obtained a degree as Diplom-Ingenieur (Master’s Degree) of Communications Engineering at the University of the German Armed Forces, Hamburg. In the academic field he served as Director of Defense Tech-nology Education and Training Division within the Federal Academy of Defense Administration and Technology in Mannheim, Germany.