Ethics as a Culture

At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we know that trust is something you earn. We pride ourselves in our Nordic heritage where trust and transparency are both at the heart of society. Countries where we operate are increasingly regulating the market for public affairs, with requirements such as transparency registers.
We fully comply with the FCPA, the European Transparency Register, and are a member of the EPACA.

For us, Public Affairs is being the bridge between business and politics. We provide the link between law, regulatory frameworks, public administration, political campaign work and strategic communication in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

Transparency registers

Each market where we operate has its own laws and regulations, be it regarding employement, whistleblowing (based on the EU directive), or transparency registers.
As a result, we operate on each market with our local company - ensuring alignment with local requirements and regulations.
This includes following and participating in the transparency registers in the markets where we operate.

Code of Conduct

The political sphere determines the framework for companies' activities. To get in a position to influence political decision-making, interests are protected through targeted dialogue with politicians, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

At Rud Pedersen, we have adopted principles with which we establish the standards that Rud Pedersen’s employees must always comply with, in spirit as well as action. The purpose of these is to secure the standard of quality Rud Pedersen wishes to be associated with, transparency for customers regarding our working methods in connection to the representation of interests, and to clarify Rud Pedersen’s work to clients. These principles apply to all Rud Pedersen employees.


As a group of consultancies working with a broad range of companies, organisations and public authorities, we want to take an active role in working toward a better future. We commit to our values and goals. We want to help our clients be part of the ongoing dialogue on how to positively shape society.

Find our full ESG Policy here.