Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Finland appoints New Partner and Director of Healthcare: Susanna Korpivaara

27. jan. 2022, 15:36

Rud Pedersen Group's Helsinki office has named Susanna Korpivaara MBA, MA as its new Partner and Director of Healthcare.

Korpivaara joins Rud Pedersen after a long career with the pharmaceutical company GSK. In her last position she worked as the External Affairs Director and the Director of Therapeutics, where she was in charge of all business activities related to vaccinations, market penetration, communications and public relations. In addition, Korpivaara has an extensive background in politics, having served as a Special Advisor to various Ministers of the Swedish People’s Party in the Ministries of Education, Culture and the Environment.

"Korpivaara’s addition to the team of Partners increases our office’s knowledge of healthcare, health policy issues and our ability to further address the interests of this sector." says Managing Director of the Helsinki office, Esa Suominen.

Korpivaara will work in all of Rud Pedersen’s areas of operation, but will focus on directing and developing pharmaceutical and healthcare customer relations. She will represent Finland in the company’s European Healthcare Team, which draws on the expertise of colleagues from each of the 5 countries that the company currently operates in.

Susanna Korpivaara says "Finland is going through an interesting phase, with reform of the welfare and health care system driven by rising costs caused by the aging population. I am delighted to join Rud Pedersen to support healthcare innovation and raise awareness of the health benefits that these can bring to society.