New report on violations of export controls of war-relevant goods against Russia

26. okt. 2023, 16:50

October 26th, 2023 a report produced by Rud Pedersen, The Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Corisk, and Wikborg Rein was published, showing the European sanctions agains Russia work but there are still many loopholes.

The Report was launched in the European Parliament, and many of the Members of the European Parliament are now working on proposals to strengthen the common European rules on sanctions.

Corisk and The Norwegian Helsinki committee has investigated the trade into Russia since February and found important loopholes that must be plugged to make the sanctions more effective and create fair competition among companies in the entire European marked.

Reputation is precious capital for companies. A lot of companies are in danger of breaking sanction rules. Business leaders can be compliant by follow some basic rules.

Senior Consultant Roger Schjerva from Rud Pedersen summarized three piece of advise:

  1. Communicate a clear policy
  2. Keep an eye on your entire value chain
  3. Clean up after yourself

The full report can be read here