RPPA Poland 2023

RP Comments
Sep 8, 2023, 10:16 AM

From Izabela Van den Bossche, Managing Partner RPPA Poland

The most relevant topic for us in RPPA PL is the upcoming parliamentary elections in October. It would also be a kick-off for the so-called political marathon in Poland (local and EP elections in 2024 and presidential elections in 2025). The situation is fairly unstable, with the ruling party and the largest opposition party enjoying similar levels of support in the opinion polls, and we already know that neither of them can secure a majority in the next parliament and rule on their own. The need for a coalition government means even more instability following the elections due to the radicalization of the political environment in Poland. Whatever coalition is finally formed, it does not bode well for a stable political future. And this will obviously have impact on the business environment.

Regardless of the result, we believe it creates more opportunities since companies will need to understand how the political agendas of the new government affect their business. With insightful political intelligence, we feel we could help them navigate across the Polish political landscape as it is being reshaped.