What is Public Affairs?

Mar 31, 2022, 07:19 AM

Answering the questions you need answers to: what is public affairs? when do you need a public affairs partner and how can a public affairs partner help your business?

What is Public Affairs?
Public Affairs refers to the engagement between businesses or organisations and the public (namely government bodies).

Similar to public relations, strategic communication is at the heart of public affairs. Public affairs helps ensure businesses have an avenue to build relationships and communicate their point of view to relevant stakeholders, especially when it comes to the development of new policies and regulations.

When Do You Need a Public Affairs Partner?
Deciding to work with a public affairs partner often surfaces when:

  • A business is subject to or affected by new or existing policies that could or have negatively affected a business.
  • A business is expanding into new countries where the rules, regulations, or public opinions may differ and local expertise or stakeholder engagement is needed.
  • A business is looking to build relationships or work with governmental bodies and needs assistance navigating processes and establishing relationships.

How Can Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Help Your Business?
Considered one of the leading Public Affairs consulting firms in Europe, Rud Pedersen is made up of highly skilled consultants with strong stakeholder relationships across northern and central Europe and expanding quickly. We can help ensure your business is able to anticipate what governments and policy-makers will do, create a strategic plan, and engage the right stakeholders based on your business objectives to achieve your goals.