New Agency Collaboration gives companies in-depth insight into the energy market

Mar 29, 07:02 AM

Rud Pedersen Public Affairs strengthens the fields of climate energy and industry and enters into cooperation with Aurora Energy Research, the foremost power analyst agency in Europe. With this, Norwegian and international companies offer both in-depth social policy knowledge and insight into the energy needs and market opportunities of the future.

With Aurora on the team, Rud Pedersen can deliver advanced scenario mapping, modelling and, not least, deep insight into the consequences of various political choices related to energy sources.

"It's so exciting because it combines Rud Pedersen's solid expertise in political analysis and public relations- with Aurora's in-depth expertise in energy markets and quantitative models," said Alexander Esser, the Nordic lead at Aurora Energy Research.

The road to net-zero emissions is shaped by economics, politics and technology Most companies are in the midst of a massive transition towards net-zero emissions. Businesses must take the lead, and this is not an easy job. Businesses will grow, create jobs and secure export revenues – while at the same time delivering practical climate solutions to the world on a large scale. In order to get it right, in-depth social policy knowledge combined with in-depth energy needs and fielding opportunities is crucial.

"In-depth insight is central both for our own business and for successfully creating a position in the market. In order to create messages that resonate politically and in the public debate, Norwegian companies must have solid facts on the table. The collaboration with Aurora makes this toolbox even bigger", says an enthusiastic Gørill Husby Moore, Partner at Rud Pedersen.

In-depth insight is crucial to making the right green decisions Husby Moore leads Rud Pedersen's focus on energy, climate and industry, and is clear about the value of the new cooperation.

"The nerd factor- which we are so proud of- is now being further increased with Aurora on the team. Together we can provide solid figures, outlining different scenarios based on different choices in combination with political analyses, which enables customers to better make long-term and strategic decisions. Rud Pedersen is an agency with an absolutely necessary combination of speed and substance - with strong senior expertise and dynamic people who are "on the ball", she says.

"The changes in energy production are shaped by economics, politics and technology, and we are convinced that our cooperation with Rud Pedersen enables us to offer a breadth of services to our customers," concludes Alexander Esser.