Heljä Misukka to join Rud Pedersen Finland

Mar 29, 07:03 AM

Ms. Heljä Misukka starts of 1st of February 2022 as Senior Advisor in Rud Pedersen’s Finnish office. Ms. Misukka is an expert in educational policy and change management, with an extensive background in both politics and public affairs.

The last 10 years Ms. Misukka has worked as Director for Educational Policy at the Trade Union of Education, thus building a vast network of decision-makers, civil servants, media and third sector organisations.

In 2007-11 Ms. Misukka worked as State Secretary to the Minister of Education at the Ministry of Education and Culture. She has also worked as the Secretary General for the Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party, and she has been city councillor in the City of Espoo for 12 years.

“The social and healthcare reform will move the funding and organising of these services to the counties. The biggest single task that remains in the municipalities, will be yearly childhood and basic education. The municipalities will face great challenges in finding competent personnel in the sector, in tackling the changing age structure, and in producing quality educational services”, Misukka says.

”Ms. Misukka combines the versatile and broad competencies that are nowadays needed in public affairs. The challenges in our societies are more complex than ever and our clients need interpreters, like Ms. Misukka, that are well versed in understanding them. Change is an opportunity only for those who grasp them,” says Susanna Korpivaara, Managing Partner for Rud Pedersen in Finland.