Blue Deal Debate Webinar Series

Mar 28, 09:28 AM

Join is as we work towards a European Blue Deal!

Hosted by former chair of the European Parliament's fisheries committee, Chris Davies, the Blue Deal Debate series bring together policymakers, industry representatives and NGOs to explore pressing issues about the environmental state of our seas and future prospects for the fishing industry.

With over 800 live viewers across our first four episodes, host Chris Davies has been "really encouraged by the interest already shown in this programme of discussions. Too often environmentalists and the fishing industry talk at cross purposes, and we need to do more to explore the rich common ground. Sustaining and enhancing the life of our seas is every bit as much a concern to those who catch and eat fish as it is to those who seek to protect nature and curb climate change."

These fortnightly virtual debates will aim to give a voice to all stakeholders, making the case for the European Green Deal to be paralleled by a blue equivalent.

Find more information, watch past webinars and sign up for upcoming events at the link below.