Ella Bohlin

Partner and Healthcare Director, Sweden

Ella Bohlin was, until January 2021, a Regional Councilor in Region Stockholm. As such, she was responsible for cancer care, pharmaceuticals, elderly care, among other areas. Prior to that, Ella was a board member for four years of SALAR, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

Ella has extensive experience of board work as a member of various boards and has in her role as a leading politician for the Christian Democratic Party, a wide network among politicians in the municipalities, the regions and in national level in Sweden. She holds a deep understanding of the healthcare sector. Ella has worked in the Prime minister’s office between 2011-213 as a political official.

Ella has bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Stockholm University and a master in public health. Ella has experience of crisis management and media relations from a former employer, a communication bureau, where she worked between 2008-2011.