Alfonso López

CEO of RetiEspaña Spain, Madrid

Alfonso López, CEO and founder of RetiEspaña, is an experienced professional specializing in strategic communications and institutional relations. He graduated with an Information Sciences degree from Complutense University of Madrid and pursued a Masters in Foundation Management from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

Starting his career as a financial journalist at Europa Press, Alfonso transitioned into corporate communications, serving as Communications Director for Europroducciones and the Spanish Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives.

In 2001, Alfonso co-founded RetiEspaña, a significant contribution to his field that showcased his entrepreneurial acumen. He continued to influence the communication sector during his tenure as the Senior Vice-President of Communication at Endesa from 2009 to 2013, where he played a key role in directing the company's strategic communication efforts.

Alfonso has worked with numerous companies and multinational groups, offering institutional relations services. He's also been a consultant for the European Commission for Rural Development. Known for his writings on lobbying and institutional relations, his articles are a valuable resource for professionals in the field.

A respected thought leader, Alfonso is known for his articles on lobbying and institutional relations, offering valuable insights to professionals in the field. His career is marked by consistent adaptability, expertise, and leadership in an ever-evolving business landscape.