Christina Højer Mørkve

Public Affairs Manager Norway

Prior to joining Rud Pedersen, Christina worked as a political advisor for the Norwegian Conservative Party. She has over 12 years of political experience in the party and is an elected member of Drammen City Council and Viken County Council. Christina has extensive knowledge of political processes at local, regional, and national level, and a keen understanding of political communication.

Prior to this, Christina worked several years in Brussels as a European Advisor for the Oslo Region European Office. Here, she was in charge of health and education policy, with a particular focus on assisting members with application processes for European funding. She has also worked teaching human rights at the University of Yunnan in Yunnan, China.

In Rud Pedersen, Christina mainly works with policy on energy, infrastructure, and tech, with a focus on strategic communications. She holds a master’s degree in Human Rights from the Department of Law at the University of Oslo.