Anne Ginderskov Hansen

Director, Denmark

Anne has vast experience when it comes to setting the agenda and creating visibility for those she works for. Prior to joining Rud Pedersen, Anne worked for DI- Danish Industry, where she has served as communications advisor and most recently as responsible for DI's largest association: DI Capital Region. In DI, she created all kinds of concepts, campaigns, webinars, conferences, alliances and political debates - all to promote the interests of companies.

Anne has led a wide range of projects –from book publications to annual meetings. Anne knows that an event is much more than the creative process and the event itself. There is a lot of preparatory work in scripts, careful selection of business partners, reliable suppliers, and other minute details.

Anne has been active in Danish politics for many years - she has spent ten years as a parliamentary candidate and campaign manager. She has also been active in municipal politics and as an employee of the Conservative People's Party in Christiansborg. Anne has a strong political network and a deep knowledge of policymaking and political processes from both government, parliament, and municipal perspectives in a wide range of policy areas.