Adam Sebesta

Associate Director Brussels

Adam is a seasoned senior consultant with over 8 years of expertise in advocacy strategy for agricultural, food, forest, chemical, and environmental policy. He has acquired this extensive experience through his roles at the Council Presidency (SK PRES), Bayer's Liaison Office in Brussels, and as a senior consultant at EPPA for over five years. Adam has successfully navigated complex regulatory landscapes, particularly in plant protection, harmonized classification and labeling, active substance defense, biocidal process approvals, animal nutrition, and food supplements.

In addition to his profound understanding of food and agricultural regulatory affairs and procedures, Adam is highly regarded for his forward-thinking insights and strategic recommendations on the future of EU agri-food system policies, forest policy, and bioeconomy. As a research fellow in an agri-food and forestry bioeconomy think tank, he has provided valuable expertise in shaping policy agendas.

Adam possesses an extensive network of contacts within EU and Member States' institutions, with a focus on officials in ministries of agriculture, plant protection products authorities, CLP authorities, biocidal product authorities, and feed and food authorities at both senior and technical levels.

With an academic background in EU Law, EU studies, and political journalism, Adam brings a unique blend of legal, analytical, and communication skills to his work. Fluent in English, Czech, and Slovak, and proficient in German, Adam adeptly navigates cross-cultural environments and engages with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.