Strategic Communication

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The business world is becoming increasingly complex, and companies have to navigate a sea of stakeholders at local, national and global levels, from politicians, regulators and officials to NGOs, stakeholders/activists and public opinion. 

Consequently, companies need to establish their individual corporate story in order to communicate with surrounding stakeholders, opinion leaders and legislators. Strategic communication requires a company approach to public affairs, as well as CSR, marketing and sales.

Rud Pedersen has a strong, expert and highly qualified team with years of experience from private businesses, the public sector and politics. We understand the value of a company’s reputation and public legitimacy. Our counsel is based on in-depth knowledge of all aspects of strategic communication, from pinpointing objectives to preparing and executing strategies.

At Rud Pedersen, we believe our clients are the real experts in their field, so we enter into a partnership with them to identify the most relevant communicative approach by integrating a business-relevant strategy with our in-depth knowledge of Nordic society. Based on Rud Pedersen's counsel, companies make decisions that strengthen their reputation and help them achieve their business targets. 

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