Rud Pedersen Group ESG Policy

Rud Pedersen Group's Reach & Coverage

At the time of signature of this policy, the Rud Pedersen Group has legal 15 legal entities in seven countries, operating four sub-brands. The countries are Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden. The brands are Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, King Street Communications, Welcom and RP People. When two or more brands work together, they work under the brand Rud Pedersen Group.

This policy will be applicable to all new majority-owned legal entities and brands in the Rud Pedersen Group in the future.

The policy should be intermittently reviewed, to ensure it is up to date and that we develop our standards appropriately based on societal, technological and regulatory developments.

Our View on ESG in Reference to Our Work With Clients

As a group of consultancies working with a broad range of companies, organisations and public authorities, we want to take an active role in working toward a better future. We commit to our values and goals. We want to help our clients be part of the ongoing dialogue on how to positively shape society.

The Rud Pedersen Group, as advisors, will support clients in understanding and acting in a national, regional and global context, including ESG topics. Our employees advise and assist clients in many areas, including public affairs, media relations, trainings, headhunting and executive educations, social media campaigns, and advertisements.


As the Rud Pedersen Group is primarily an advisory group, our products are advise in meetings, presentations, reports, events as well as production of digital and printed advertisements on the clients' needs and requests. Hence, our environmental footprint will primarily relate to employees' travels and the offices use and disposal of different materials.

As a core activity in our business is to meet with clients and stakeholders, and attend seminars and events, travelling related to our work is a large contributor to our environmental footprint. The Rud Pedersen Group recommends that all travels are based on business-critical assessment. We know the value of meeting in person for all involved but traveling can be both time consuming and affect the environment.

We recommend that our companies work with climate compensation, and that flights are chosen not only based on price, but also if possible, on plane fleet. Choosing an airline with newer, more CO2 efficient planes helps premiere the companies that are investing in lower emission. Furthermore, we encourage alternative travel options such as trains where that is deemed a viable option. For the benefit of both our clients and our employees, we are increasingly investing in the opportunity to use video conferencing instead of meeting in person. All employees are also encouraged to spend extra time in our different offices when visiting to make the most of all travels in terms of building network and collaboration as well as client base. Each office in the Rud Pedersen Group is responsible for and supported in ensuring it takes the opportunities available to them in terms of participating in recycling programs, and that local providers are chosen with a view on environmental impact when possible. This can include but is not limited to local providers of food and beverages to the office, cleaning companies, office supplies, etc.


As an advisory consultancy, our employees and their knowledge are the backbone of our business. We must always strive to be an attractive workplace, and offer competitive salaries as well as work environment and respecting employees need for work-life balance. Our recruitment strategy in each brand is to strive for a diversity in backgrounds from different parts of the political spectrum among our public affairs consultants, a strong background in communication, private companies and public authorities.

We see that our teams are stronger when we hire both junior team members which may be newly or even not yet graduated, more senior team members and our senior advisors, which may be retired experts with several decades of expertise within their specific sector. Together our experiences as well as new perspectives create a stronger team and a better offer for our clients.

All offices have local anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies, considering and building on local legislation.

When there are opportunities and interest, we offer mentoring programs across offices and brands, as well as secondment to other offices to allow our employees to get to know another market.

Any incidents relating to negative work environment in terms of physical or psychological factors will be dealt with by the local management representation. We strive to build a culture of trust and inclusion where employees are encouraged to share incidents.



The parent company for the Rud Pedersen Group is Rud Pedersen Public Affairs Company AB, a Swedish limited liability corporation. The majority owner of the parent group is the CEO and president of the Rud Pedersen group, Morten Rud Pedersen. Since 2018, there has been a shareholder program available to selected key personnel of the group, allowing them to buy shares in the parent company, thereby increasing their investment not only in developing their local legal entity and business, but in investing their effort and expertise across brands and markets. Shares in the parent company can be personally owned or owned through a corporation.

The parent is the majority owner in all Rud Pedersen Public Affairs (RPPA) companies, which are legal entities registered in the local market where they operate. Each RPPA have local partner opportunities where key employees may become equity partners.

The local RPPA companies serve as the parent companies of the other brands in the group - as such King Street Communications, Welcom and RP People are operated either as brands or as their own legal entities, where the local RPPA company is the majority owner. As all partners in the Rud Pedersen Group are in one way or another affiliated with the group, either via subcontracts or employment, we have not received external capital for growth or investment, a strength that allows the management to stay in full control of the companies in the group at all times.

By operating locally registered companies in each market, the Rud Pedersen Group ensures that we fully contribute to the local society by paying taxes and employer fees and are in full alignment with local employment and ownership and taxation legislation.


The Rud Pedersen Group has a Code of Conduct, governing how we interact with clients and stakeholders, and ensuring that we limit the risks of bribery and corruption. The Code of Conduct is signed by each employee, and trainings in the Code of Conduct is carried out annually in each office as well as by the group via an online compliance training.

The Code of Conduct also includes provisions for whistleblowing, as well as the opportunity to suggest improvements and changes to the document by each and all included. Our code of conduct is applicable to anyone working for or representing the Rud Pedersen Group.

Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, we introduced our GDPR policy addressing specific issues relating to information gathering in line of our work.

We work in a data intense business, where we need to have the right information about the right actors and processes at the right time. When analysing a process and the actors in it, the focus is not the personal information of the individual, but on the relevance and context of any information in relation to the process and situation at the core of the analysis.

We ensure the implementation of our compliance guidelines through multiple ways: We require that all employees go through a mandatory compliance training in our GDPR Policy and the Code of Conduct. We ensure that all employees locally discuss our policies and are reminded to go to the management with any case of doubt. Further, all relevant team members in the Rud Pedersen Group are also required to undergo any training provided by clients.

Furthermore, our offices follow specific regulation of public affairs consultants in the local markets.

Follow Up

This ESG policy will be review and discussed by managing partners in all group entities, at least once a year, prior to the annual general assembly in the parent company. The ESG can at that time be updated to reflect changes in the group structure and work with ESG.

Each company is advised to review its own impact and where it is possible to make changes and improvements on a regular, at least annual basis.

If there are specific actions to be carried out during the year, this will not be reflected in the ESG document per se, but through the work in primarily the Group management team, and in the individual companies.


This document has been approved by all legal entities in the Rud Pedersen Group.