Real Estate

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The real estate sector is highly dependent on political decision-making. Local governments are key stakeholders in city planning and development. Managing local political relations to build trust and partnerships has become a key success factor for many real estate companies.

During the last 10 years, Rud Pedersen has successfully handled issues that include:

  • City planning processes

  • Management of relations with local public servants in municipalities

  • Issue managenment of the real estate sector vis-à-vis state interest

  • Negotiation support with local governments

  • Relation management programmes for tenants

  • Strategic positioning of companies in the real estate sector

  • National planning programmes' implications on local planning and property valuation

The Nordic market cannot be seen as a single entity but must be handled with respect for national and even local practices. Rud Pedersen’s consultants have extensive experience from working in this complex environment and have built a strong expertise within Nordic real estate. 

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