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Our Vision

We believe that every client with a message deserves to be heard.

We offer a unique and valuable perspective on our clients’ business by delivering with the collective intelligence of our Group. We believe intelligent public affairs strategies and engaging communication give companies and organisations the strength they need for the future and the results they need now.

Our Approach to Public Affairs

Our business is based on Public Affairs as a stand-alone discipline, allowing us to give it our full focus. In cases where executing successful government relations requires additional services, we align with the other brands in our Group to provide them. These include broader communication services, public relations, advertising, and headhunting.

For us, Public Affairs is being the bridge between business and politics. We provide the link between law, regulatory frameworks, public administration, political campaign work and strategic communication in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

The political sphere determines the framework for companies' activities. To get in a position to influence political decision-making, interests are protected through targeted dialogue with politicians, public authorities and other relevant stakeholders.

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Code of Conduct

Public Affairs is a professional discipline that systemises and organises companies’ and organisations’ understanding of, and dialogue with, the political system and civil society.

The political system is dependent on input from people who have specialist knowledge in specific policy areas. Consequently, it is not only specialised agencies such as Rud Pedersen that exercise Public Affairs, but also employers’ organisations, employees’ organisations, companies and NGOs. Companies and organisations depend on understanding and being in line with their markets, which are formed by people and values.

At Rud Pedersen, we have adopted principles with which we establish the standards that Rud Pedersen’s employees must always comply with, in spirit as well as action. The purpose of these is to secure the standard of quality Rud Pedersen wishes to be associated with, transparency for customers regarding our working methods in connection to the representation of interests, and to clarify Rud Pedersen’s work to clients. These principles apply to all Rud Pedersen employees.

We fully comply with the FCPA, the European Transparency Register, and are a member of the EPACA.

All our team members are trained in our ethical guidelines, which are instilled throughout our onboarding procedures. Our Code of Conduct applies to all employees in the Rud Pedersen Group.

For more information, contact our Group Affairs Director:

At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we abide by the General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Policy.

Learn more about the GDPR Privacy Policy at the link below.

As a group of consultancies working with a broad range of companies, organisations and public authorities, we want to take an active role in working toward a better future. We commit to our values and goals. We want to help our clients be part of the ongoing dialogue on how to positively shape society.

Find our full ESG Policy at the link below.