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At Rud Pedersen, we have developed a framework to identify and assess political issues. Analyses, strategies and actions with clear goals are crucial in order to succeed in issue management. Furthermore, Rud Pedersen is capable of forming action plans for our clients addressing threats and capitalising on opportunities

The Issue Management Tool

Our twofold framework was created to facilitate the prioritisation of issues within our clients' on-going operations. Firstly, we identify and assess the current threats and opportunities, which are then converted into action plans adapted to our clients' situation. Secondly, we develop a proactive strategy that aims at boosting our clients’ reputation and profitablity in the long run. Our strategy includes tools for:

  • Political issue monitoring

  • Development of action plans

  • Risk prioritisation

  • Crisis readiness

At Rud Pedersen, we have established long-term partnerships with a wide range of clients. We help them identify issues pre-emptively, and we help them navigate through public debate and the Nordic and European political systems. We provide solid analyses, carried out by experienced consultants with an in-depth understanding of public debate and policy-making processes. 

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