RP People - Rud Pedersen starts a recruitment service

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RP People, with its fresh approach to, and wide-ranging knowledge of, the public sector, brings a unique alternative to the field of Finnish recruitment. RP People will ensure that applicants are assessed in relation to the environment they would work in. RP People operates with a specialist focus on recruitments where successful applicants need knowledge and skills within the public decision-making area. 

RP People uses Rud Pedersen Public Affairs' knowledge base, network and many years’ experience in public affairs. The new company has a network of its own, consisting of people that have held, or hold, public or private leadership, expert or political positions.  

RP People Oy is part of the Rud Pedersen Group, which is the largest public affairs group in the Nordic Countries. Markus Ojakoski (Master of Philosophy, Master of Arts, 41) is CEO. He has previously worked as General Secretary for the Parliamentary Group of the Centre Party, as a Public Affairs Consultant, as a Mayor of Kokemäki, as a Senior Political Adviser for the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development and as a Political Adviser for the Minister of Culture. RP People's chairperson  is Esa Suominen (Master of Social Sciences, 38).

Visit RP People's webpage at www.rppeople.fi

For further information:
Markus Ojakoski, +358 500 459 009, markus.ojakoski@rppeople.fi 
Esa Suominen, +358 43 824 5668, esa.suominen@rudpedersen.com