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Marianne Nordli

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Oslo

Marianne was Head of Competence and Development at the Progressive party HQ. She headed the political section and handled the daily communication on all political topics from members and the public. She lead the training and development on all levels at the party both political and organisational development including all regional talent development and the national talent development. She was the project lead on regional and national conferences, including the national convention. 

Marianne has created results for clients in 28 countries as a trainer, coach and consultant in 28 the fields of communication, leadership and organisational development. She has coached leaders on all levels since 1996. For eight years, she was accredited by the European Commission and its institutions to lead the Management Training Program for the levels of Heads of Unit and Directors.

Her background also includes leadership positions in the hotel, transport and seafood industries in Norway and France. She has served in board positions both nationally and internationally for companies, and various organisations. She was one of the founders and owners of the company issuing the Chairman of the year award.

Marianne has published several books. She has published articles in the fields of communication, leadership and board work in newspapers magazines and on various websites.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +4741658565