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Maja Barfod Hørsving

  • Partner & Healthcare Director
  • Copenhagen

Maja is a specialist in the Danish healthcare system and has substantial experience within this area. Before joining Rud Pedersen, she worked as a Senior Consultant for 7 years in the Danish Regions, the interest organization for the five regions in Denmark responsible for the healthcare system. Her area of expertise was negotiating with the Danish Medical Association, primarily the GP’s. She was responsible for negotiating and implementing vaccine contracts as well as negotiating contracts with private hospitals.

Furthermore, Maja knows the healthcare system from within, including hospitals as well as the regions. She has a broad network and a strong insight in decision-making processes on both an administrative and political level.

Maja holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Copenhagen, where she also teaches the medical students in the structure of the Danish healthcare system.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +45 27 79 09 80

  • 2007 - 2014: Senior consultant in Danish Regions

  • 2006: MSc in Public Health Science