Livia Cerini RP GER 1920 1080 DSF0292

Livia Cerini

  • Consultant
  • Berlin

Livia has acquired working experience in representing business interests in Munich and Milan during her internships at the German Chambers of Commerce in the foreign trade and in the international business development departments. Moreover, she worked as a Research Intern at the Federal Association of German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management in Brussels where she gained important insights into European institutions. Livia is a native Italian and has a fluent written and oral knowledge in three other languages (German, English and French) which she developed during her academic and professional experiences abroad.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +49 17645271145

  • 2020: Intern, Federal Association of German Waste, Water and Raw Materials Management, Brussels, Belgium

  • 2019: Intern, Italian-German Chamber of Commerce, Milan, Italy

  • 2017: Intern, Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Munich, Germany

  • 2019: M.Sc. in Political Economy of Emerging Markets, King's College London, United Kingdom

  • 2018: Erasmus+ exchange, European Studies, University of Maastricht, Netherlands

  • 2018: B.Sc. in Economics and Social Sciences, Free University of Bolzano, Italy