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Jonatan Tylsgaard Larsen

  • Group Corporate Affairs Director
  • Copenhagen

Jonatan has more than 10 years of experience within international corporate functions in Ørsted (the Danish state energy company) and in Bavarian Nordic, a biotech and top 25 Copenhagen Stock Exchange listed company. Whilst at Ørsted, Jonatan managed business development deals as well as key account relations for some of Ørsted’s biggest gas counterparts. During his employment at Bavarian Nordic, he was responsible for sales and government affairs activities in key European and Latin American markets. In his youth, he was locally listed for the Christian Democratic party and was active in the youth organization. In later years, he was active in the Conservative party.

Jonatan’s educational background is in business administration and law. He has business level or higher fluency in five languages (German and Danish mother tongue, English, Spanish and Norwegian at business level).

Jonatan is responsible for Corporate Affairs across all the different brands and offices within the Rud Pedersen Group. His primary focus is to improve operational efficiency, develop new activities to secure and strengthen the brands and support the Group's ambitious growth strategy.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +45 212 6 22 66