Janne Huttunen

  • Senior Advisor
  • Helsinki

Janne Huttunen is an experienced serial entrepreneur and investor with experience, especially in the health tech and ICT sectors. Involvement in these fields has included working as an advisor and investor for VC companies. He is a key player in several public-private partnership projects. The security and defence sector is also a key area of ​​interest for him.

Janne has gained extensive experience also in the food and alcohol sectors, not only as a gourmet but also as a consultant and owner of companies in the field.

While most open up television to see sports, Janne is a heavy user of politics and a nerd. This has given rise to an extensive network of personal relationships. Geographically, the best networks are in central and eastern Finland, Switzerland, Britain and Israel.

Janne studied medicine at the universities of Kuopio and Basel (Dr.Med. -92, Univesität Basel -92). In addition, he has completed law studies at the University of Eastern Finland and digital communication studies at the University of Helsinki.

Email - [email protected]