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Henriette Kjær

  • Public Affairs Director
  • Copenhagen

Henriette was a Member of Parliament for the Danish Conservative Party from 1994-2011. From 2008-2011, Henriette worked as a political spokesperson and leader of the conservative group in the Parliament. Henriette has held the position of political spokesperson for several political areas in Parliament. She was spokesperson for Health from 1995-2001 and spokesperson for Transportation from 2005-2011.

Furthermore, Henriette was minister of two different ministries: Social Affairs and Gender Equality and Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs from 2001-2005.

Henriette began her political career at an early age by joining the Young Conservatives in Aarhus, where she served as chairman from 1983-1986.

In recent years, Henriette has worked as a senior consultant and head of the Public Affairs department at EHRENBERG Kommunikation, where she advised a wide range of customers including several major shipping companies.

Email - [email protected]

  • 2015 - 2016: Ehrenberg Kommunikation, Head of Public Affairs

  • 2012 - 2015: Ehrenberg Kommunikation, Senior Consultant

  • 1994 - 2011: Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party

  • 2004 - 2005: Minister for Family and Consumer Affairs

  • 2001 - 2004: Social Affairs and Minister for Gender Equality

  • 2003: Nominated as one of the Young Global Leaders of the Future by the World Economic Forum, Switzerland

  • 2000 - 2001: Member of the Nature Protection Board of Appeal

  • 1985 - 1986: Member of the executive committee of the Young Conservatives

  • 1983 - 1986: Chairman of the Young Conservatives (KU) in Aarhus