Heiko Kolf


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Heiko is a Consultant at Rud Pedersen's Brussels office.

Heiko has parliamentary experience at the German Bundestag and at the European Parliament, where was a stagiaire for the former Vice-President of the European Parliament - Graf Lambsdorff, and for Germany’s Secretary of Defence - Dr Ursula von der Leyen.  He has also worked in strategic marketing for a French enterprise.

Heiko holds two Masters degrees in Political Science and has a German-French double bachelor’s degree in International Business Studies.  


  • 2017: M.A. European Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Europe, Natolin, Warsaw
  • 2015: M.Sc. European Politics, University of Glasgow
  • 2014: B.Sc. International Business Studies from the University of Applied Sciences, Aachen & IDRAC École de Commerce, Montpellier

Heiko Kolf

  • Consultant
  • Belgium