Financial Markets

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The public reputation of the financial sector plummeted in the aftermath of the financial crisis. A steep decline in public legitimacy threatens to affect earnings, but it also renders politicians more prone to increase regulatory requirements.

On a global scale, regulators and politicians are struggling in a post-crisis scenario to find a new balance between regulatory precautions to prevent a new financial meltdown, and, at the same time, trying to avoid hampering incentives to take risks and make investments.

It is important to understand the politicians’ need to balance a well-functioning financial market with voters’ interests and demands – a balance that also changes over time.

At Rud Pedersen, we have years of experience from working in the financial sector in all Nordic countries. We understand the importance of a well-functioning financial sector that allows money to flow where it is needed, in order to generate growth and job opportunities. We also understand the significance of public legitimacy for the financial sector, and we know how politics work. 

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