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Below you can learn more about some of our different services and what we can offer your company. We offer tailor-made solutions to all our clients, so if you have needs that are not represented among the listed services, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advocacy is one of the core services we offer. We facilitate strategic democratic discussions, allowing for communication with key stakeholders as well as the opportunity to affect public opinion. At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we respect the democratic process and help our clients provide information to elected representatives and civil servants. Our services include strategic counselling, event planning, media relations, as well as campaign counselling that support our clients' goals. We comply with all relevant local regulations throughout our markets.

Any organisation can find itself in an unexpected time of crisis, and the long-term impact of that crisis depends on the organisation's first reaction. At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we can navigate our clients’ companies effectively out of a crisis while minimizing potential long-term consequences. In case of any crisis, we offer counselling minute by minute and help in organising and executing your crisis management plan. We also offer full crisis planning to prepare companies for the possibility of crises in the future.

Issue Management is the combination of political knowledge, preparedness, and anticipation of what lies ahead. Our teams utilise issue management techniques to help our clients prepare for, and respond to, regulative and political changes. It is about being proactive and adopting a constructive approach to all relevant stakeholders. By understanding how political and regulatory decisions connect and interact across markets, we help our clients safeguard both their reputations and the commercial basis of their operations.

Market Access is a great challenge for many pharmaceutical companies, who often struggle to ensure that their treatment is reimbursed and most importantly available for patients. In order for a company to get a treatment reimbursed and thereby make it available, it is necessary to fully understand the local market and which opportunities and threats are present. By having profound knowledge within the healthcare sector and reimbursement system, we help our clients implement the right strategies and navigate in local landscapes in order to achieve the desired outcome.

We are a leading expert when it comes to preparing for and maximizing engagement during the Political Festivals in Northern Europe (Almedalsveckan, Arendalsuka, Arvamusfestival, Folkemødet and SuomiAreena).

The increased public and political interest and participation in these events over the past years has made it increasingly difficult to obtain great engagement among the many actors fighting for attention. It takes more than an important and relevant case to get the right people to engage in the right way. We help plan and execute successful political festival events that resonate with the political climate and further benefit our clients’ overall public affairs efforts.

Contact our Political Festival Engagement Team

At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we have developed a product that improves our clients’ decision-making basis. As an addition to standard due diligence and business strategising, we have developed a methodology to assess public, regulatory and political risks for a business or an investment. By understanding the issues that go beyond traditional business insights, we can assess these risks and measure the long-term challenges our clients face. We base our counsel on solid analyses and broad experience from both the public and private sector.

In addition to traditional strategic advice and stakeholder communication, our team is experienced in providing Public Affairs training tailored to the needs of suppliers. We provide training for the private sector as well as publicly financed sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, defence, etc.

We can help you and your team increase your understanding of the decision-making processes in the market where you operate and learn how to best negotiate and communicate with the public sector. Increased understanding throughout your company will help you to more easily detect and manage issues and obstacles that may arise from the regulatory environment you work in.

Diplomatic efforts can be made more efficient if they are supported by locals who can effectively convey different points-of-view and better influence public perceptions. Expanding and strengthening relations with other nations is all about getting heard in the public arena and getting heard for the right reasons. We can set up strategies and campaigns for issue-based advocacy for your organisation or government to create a successful public opinion environment in one or all of the markets where we operate.

We offer stakeholder engagement strategies to build and maintain good relations with all relevant parties. The strategies are tailored to each individual case, based on deep background analyses, and developed in concert with our clients. To ensure the best implementation of the strategy, we support and counsel our clients throughout the process. We also continuously measure and evaluate the result along with our clients.

Companies need to establish their individual corporate story in order to communicate with surrounding stakeholders, opinion leaders and legislators. Strategic communication requires a company approach to public affairs, as well as CSR, marketing and sales. We enter into a partnership with our clients to identify the most relevant communicative approach by integrating a business-relevant strategy with our in-depth knowledge of European society. This allows our clients to consistently make decisions that strengthen their reputations and help them achieve their business targets.

Increasing competition means that any relevant knowledge about tenders, before and during the process, can be a deciding factor in winning or losing a public procurement tender. At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we have the experience and understanding of key processes that allow us to support our clients in their tender management.

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Rud Pedersen works with clients in all industry sectors. However, we have greater experience in some sectors and, as a result, we have established teams with specific sector-knowledge which allow us to hit the ground running. Learn more about our sector insights and team leaders below.

We support companies through complex materiel procurement projects, including coordinating and cooperating across borders. We can also assist companies in identifying and strategically influencing critical risks and political issues across the EU. During any procurement or policy process campaign, we closely advise and monitor the progress of our clients, ensuring they are fully informed at every stage of the process.

Being part of the solution to climate change and other environmental challenges is critical to profiling a company to today’s environmentally conscious customers, employees, investors and stakeholders. We specialise in understanding and analysing political decisions in the field of sustainability and environmental issues. We support our clients to navigate in the best possible way, resulting in strengthened stakeholder relations and improved profitability.

With constant regulatory scrutiny and pressure from NGOs, national and international governmental organisations, FMCG is a sector where an active dialogue with policymakers and key opinion leaders on regulatory and legislative issues is essential. We have extensive experience in handling business within the FMCG Market. We advise our clients on their strategic work and help them analyse and evaluate political and regulatory risks, in order to prepare them for what lies ahead.

At Rud Pedersen Public Affairs, we have years of experience working in the financial sector in all Nordic countries as well as the EU and Northern Europe as a whole. We understand the importance of a well-functioning financial sector that allows money to flow where it is needed, in order to generate growth and job opportunities. We also understand the significance of public legitimacy for the financial sector and how politics affects financial markets.

Healthcare provision framework conditions are to a significant extent developed at the European level. With increasing ‘Europeanisation’ of legislation, knowledge and presence at the European level are growing increasingly important for healthcare suppliers. We supplement our strong and longstanding presence in our national markets with a European approach from our Brussels office, thereby providing a holistic and comprehensive service offering to our clients.

Rud Pedersen's Annual Healthcare Seminar

Every year, our healthcare team hosts a seminar on developments and challenges in the healthcare markets in the EU and the Nordic countries, with external speakers on board to share their insights. Please contact us for more information.

Whether our clients' regulatory issues relate to infrastructure, content management, data protection, regulation of service providers or digitalisation generally, our team has the capabilities to assist our clients in finding profitable solutions. We offer a full range of public affairs services such as strategic communication, media relations, regulatory campaigns, as well as preparation and facilitation of high-level meetings.

Transportation and infrastructure are integrated components of growth and business policies, environmental policies and regional policies. Furthermore, the state itself is often heavily involved – by ownership, subsidies and/or regulation. We have insight into ongoing national plans, regional developments and key-decision makers, allowing us to help our clients identify new business opportunities across our European footprint.

The real estate market must be handled with respect for national and even local practices. We have extensive experience working in this complex environment and have built strong expertise within real estate. Rud Pedersen Public Affairs has successfully handled a variety of real estate issues, including public planning processes and tender management.