Energy, Environment and Cleantech

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Environmental sustainability is increasingly becoming an issue that all commercial operations and operators have to address, either due to national/international regulations, customer demand or both. Responding to, or being part of the solution to, climate change and other environmental challenges, is critical in profiling a company to today’s demanding customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Legal regulation often lags behind technological and conceptual progress. This poses both risks and opportunities for pioneering companies. Environmental or technical restrictions and/or new regulations may be introduced after heavy investments have already been made, thus threatening a client's business. Such threats can be managed by engaging in an intelligent political dialogue with decision-makers, as well as with  the broader stakeholder community. However, innovative actors can create, define and shape whole industries, both new and existing, and their legal, environmental and economic operating conditions, including local and national taxes, fees and subsidies. To do so requires engaging and providing public authorities and political decision-makers with facts and ideas that speak directly to them and to their constituencies.

At Rud Pedersen, we specialise in understanding and analysing political decisions in the field of environmental issues. We therefore help and support a number of clients within the sector to navigate in the best possible way, resulting in strengthened stakeholder relations and improved profitability. 

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