Ilya Obretetskiy

Research Executive UK, London

Ilya previously worked for Kreab, a strategic communications firm, where he gained experience in media monitoring, research, event planning, copywriting and media relations. While at Kreab, Ilya worked across a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, energy, agriculture, chemicals as well as finance and fintech. Prior to this, he worked for a political risk management consultancy where his research focused primarily on the mining and oil industry in Central Asia, in particularly Kazakhstan. In addition to his work at Rud Pedersen, Ilya is the UK representative for White Crescent Foundation for Development and Human Rights (WCFYE), a non-profit civil society organisation which currently focuses on providing humanitarian aid in Yemen. Ilya holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a concentration in Political Science from Florida State University. Ilya is a fluent Russian speaker, having lived there for over 10 years.