Bodil Porse Nielsen

Administration Manager Denmark, Copenhagen

Bodil has experience from a variety of different postions and industries. Prior to joining Rud Pedersen, Bodil worked as an office manager at the consultancy Seismonaut. Her responsibilities included administrative tasks related to project work and proofreading as well as being responsible for all relations with suppliers. She also organized company events and was responsible for the social calendar at the office. Before this job, Bodil was employed at Halo, a PR agency where she was the office manager and in charge of the daily operations of the office.

Bodil is very service-minded and has a well-develop sense of aesthetics. She has used these skills in several positions within the retail sector and has worked in a number of lifestyle boutiques where she managed both shops and teams, including social media accounts.

Furthermore, Bodil lived in both Bahrain and Germany for several years. She has an international outlook as well as an interest in different cultures, languages and people.