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Charlotte Bisserup Bechfeldt

  • Public Affairs Director
  • Copenhagen

Charlotte is specialized in public affairs, strategic communication, crisis communication and political analysis.

Before her career at Rud Pedersen, Charlotte worked as a communication consultant for the trade organization Kreativitet & Kommunikation. While there, she had the responsibility of managing internal and external communication, which has given her a natural understanding of strategy, analysis and political timing in relation to communicating essential messages.

For a number of years, Charlotte worked in political communication as a Campaign Consultant for the Danish Liberal Party, Venstre. During her employment at Venstre, she worked with the Campaign Manager, where she took part in the development of strategies and campaigns for several elections.

Furthermore, Charlotte has a Master’s Degree in Film and Media Science with a profile in Journalism, Cultural and Societal Studies.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +45 28 83 17 02