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Cathrine Chaffey

  • Analyst
  • Oslo

Cathrine graduated from Cardiff University with a MSc Econ in International Relations in 2020. She wrote her thesis on cybersecurity and the impact of increased national military budgets on cyber capabilities within states. She holds a B.Sc in Development Studies from the University of Oslo. During her bachelor’s degree, she specialised in political science.

While studying in Oslo, Cathrine worked as a student intern for the pharmaceutical company AbbVie in their external affairs unit. She was project lead for the company at Arendalsuka in 2018 and 2019. Cathrine held the position of permanent representative for the labour party in the municipal council of Bærum from 2015 to 2019. She has been an active member of the Norwegian labour party and their youth organization (AUF) since 2014, on both local and regional level.

Email - [email protected]
Telephone - +47 482 74 343

  • 2019 - 2019: Election Officer, Polling Station, Bærum Municipality, Norway

  • 2017 - 2019: Student Intern, AbbVie, Fornebu, Norway

  • 2020: MSc Econ, International Relations, Cardiff Univeristy, United Kingdom

  • 2019:, Development Studies, Univeristy of Oslo, Norway

  • 2016: 1-Year Study Program, Media Science, Univeristy of Oslo, Norway