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Birk Karlsson

  • Intern
  • Copenhagen

Before Joining Rud Pedersen, Birk worked with various types of student politics. Most recently, he was elected to join the study board at Roskilde University, where he worked in conjunction with faculty to facilitate a better environment for the collective students body.

Birk has a BA in Communications and Psychology. During his studies, he had a focus on the connection between the rhetoric of extremist political parties and the psychological makeup of their voters. Birk is currently pursuing an MA in Communications from Roskilde University. In his studies, he has an emphasis on the internal organizational structures of political parties and how these affects external communication.

Email - [email protected]

  • 2019 -Present: The Study Board, Roskilde University, Trekroner

  • 2017–2018: Student Counselor, Roskilde University, Trekroner

  • 2008–Present: Active Member, The Socialist People’s Party

  • 2015–2015: Authors Studies, Vallekilde Højskole, Hørve

  • Currently pursuing a MA in Communications from Roskilde University, with a focus on Political Communication

  • BA in Communications and Psychology, Roskilde University, Denmark