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What We Do For Our Clients

We help our clients understand the dynamics of a given political system, the pulse of the public debate, and each relevant decision-making process. In doing so, we recommend the best strategic and targeted approach for solving their business challenge or reaching their desired target.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive view and perspective, providing insights into social and political processes to promote, influence, and gain support for their stories, issues and interests. We do this nationally and across Europe.

We put together teams of consultants with different political views and experiences. This provides our clients with the most informed, detailed and accurate advice and strategy.

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Our Process

Political analysis is the very basis of the job we do with our clients and it is necessary in order to propose effective measures and solutions to client challenges. The analysis is adapted to the specific client’s starting point and ambition level.

The analysis provides a clear picture of both opportunities and challenges so that the client will gain understanding, insight, advice and tools to navigate the policy landscape as a long-term and sustainable partner to the policy-makers. The analysis thus serves as a tool for making a clear, strategic choice to further client goals. Our experience is that such an analysis gives our clients the greatest benefit.

If a client is to reach their ambitions, whether that is winning a tender, achieving political impetus or increasing their credibility and reputation within a strategic area, it is crucial to have a thoughtful positioning strategy. We propose measures that effectively advance a client's position. A positioning strategy includes stakeholder analyses, a messaging platform and an action plan focused on regulatory and public affairs work, as well as other initiatives.

A tailored race where Rud Pedersen can be both a strategic sparring partner for implementation and operationalization. We can also serve as an operational partner in the implementation of parts or the entire project. Facilitation and preparation of meetings, public hearing statements, PR and media measures are examples of services included here.

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Our Client Promise

We understand our clients' business challenges, and what they need to do to meet them.

Among other things, this means that we:

  • Have the expertise and take the necessary time to understand our clients’ business and the specific challenges and KPIs that are important to them

  • Do not present our clients with standard solutions, but always recommend actions that best fit our understanding of our clients’ needs

  • Always keep the long-term success of the client in mind, even when developing winning solutions to short-term problems

We are ambitious and ensure our solutions have the highest professional quality.

This means that we:

  • Recommend the solution that is professionally the right one for the client in the long-term

  • Deliver solutions to clients in well-structured formats that convey recommendations and conclusions in a clear and understandable way

  • Take responsibility for learning from all successful assignments and bringing this knowledge into play in when solving new tasks

For us, focusing on client business understanding and quality is not enough. Our advice ensures deliveries that the client does not have the resources to develop or implement alone.

This means that we:

  • Are open to having our habits and assumptions being disrupted, since they may stop us from developing the extraordinary

  • Use our team's different approaches to reveal non-visible options and new solutions

  • Are aware of what we already know and cultivate our curiosity by relating to what we read, see, and hear to build knowledge that is relevant for our clients